Widget Set-Up Tutorial

If your school also ordered our Widget Pack for display screens, this tutorial will walk you through the first set-up!

Prefer “Text and Image” guides? Keep reading!

What You Need

To get started, there’s a few things you’ll need:

  • A site license to PersonalFinanceLab.com
  • A separate license for our Widget Bundle
  • A TV or monitor with an HDMI input (nearly every screen made in the last 10 years has one)
  • An Intel Stick – a computer on a chip. You can find the cheapest one our team has tested here.
  • A USB keyboard and mouse (just for the set-up – you can borrow them from another computer)

Getting Started

First, open up your Intel Stick box. Take note of a few key pieces:

  1. The USB ports on the side of the stick (you’ll connect your keyboard and mouse here later)
  2. The power supply, and port it plugs into on the stick
  3. The HDMI extension cable (you can use this if the HDMI port on your screen doesn’t have space to fit the stick normally)
  4. The power button

To get started, plug the Stick into the back of the screen. If there isn’t enough space for it to fit properly, you can use the HDMI extender as an extension cord to fit into tight spaces.

Next, plug the power supply into the wall and the stick, then the keyboard and mouse into your USB inputs. Finally, press the on/off button (you should hear a small fan start), and turn on your screen.

Data Set-Up

The Intel Stick is a mini-computer running windows. This means you will need to go through the steps of setting up a computer for the first time (selecting language, connecting to wifi, and setting up a login).

Once finished, you’ll end on the Desktop. Note – Windows will be installing updates for roughly an hour after you first turn on your stick, so the first day will be a bit slow. It speeds up considerably once all updates are complete.

Windows Configuration

Most sticks need the display settings adjusted after the first set-up. Once you’re on the Desktop, right click and select “Display Settings”.

On this screen, ensure the “Resolution” is set to 1920 x 1080, and the “Scaling” is set to “100%”

Installing The Player

Once the resolution and scaling are set, open up the web browser and go to content.personalfinancelab.com/player. This will automatically download the software needed to run the widgets.

Once the player is downloaded, run it – you will be asked for a Display ID (the pfinlab team will send this to you by email). We also recommend checking the box “Autostart Rise Player at Login”, as this will ensure the player starts automatically if you ever need to restart the player.

Just click “Continue” and start the player – your widgets should start loading within a few seconds!

Customizing Your Widgets

When first setting up, we usually start the widgets with a customized MarketInsight screen with your school’s colors, logos, twitter or Facebook feed, plus a live-streaming S&P 500 chart and market news feed. We also add in Personal Finance, Economics, Accounting, and Investing “Words of the Day”, with a customizable watchlist/ticker running along the bottom.

Finally, we add in your Class Rankings – you’ll need to let us know when your classes are set up so we can update the screen to reflect your current class instead of our default placeholder.

Additional custom widgets are also available – some schools like to feature a specific website, their lunch menu, or school announcements. Just let us know! More widgets are being developed and released all the time, so stay tuned for updates!