Articles for beginners

Interesting Interest Rates

Financial institutions encourage people to save by offering interest on savings. They loan these savings to businesses and consumers. Banks compete with one another to attract savers and borrowers. The goal of the bank, like any business, is to make a profit.

Financial Investments

People often put their savings into financial investments like stocks, bonds, or certificates of deposit. Some of these are more risky — but have the potential of a much better rate of return — than less risky investments.

Managing Debt

To be “In Debt” means to owe money to someone else, usually making fixed payments to pay back the amount over time, plus interest. Properly managing debt helps minimize how much total interest you pay, and has a solid strategy on how to become debt-free

Income and Compensation

It is pretty obvious that you will be compensated by your employer when you have a job, in some way or another. However, the form that the compensation comes in can be drastically different across companies and employers. This article contains the basics on the different kinds of compensation you can get!

Protecting Against Fraud

Today, all of our financial lives are online. This creates a problem when making sure that you are the only one who has access to it. Fraud and Identity Theft are growing problems, impacting just about everyone, but there are some steps you can take to avoid this.