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Budget and Spending Plans

In this lesson students will be learning about both budgets and spending plans. They will be able to tell what the different parts of each are and when to use either. They will be looking at other peoples’ budgets and saving plans to evaluate how to create one. They will leave with the tools and Read More…

Balancing A Checkbook

In this lesson students will be learning all about checking and how to track their purchases. Throughout the different activities students will be interacting with checks and connecting that back to budgeting and spending. Students will go through the entire bill paying process from reading a billing statement to writing a check in order to Read More…

Avoiding Scams

In this lesson students will be learning about different types of scams that could happen over the phone or on the computer. They will be able to identify when they find a scam and will learn the importance of not falling into the scam. Includes 5 customizable activities

Investing Lesson Plans

Teaching about investing in your class? We have you covered! Click on this post to check out our collection of investing lesson plans, divided up by age group, with great ways to incorporate the stock game into the lessons!

Economics Lesson Plans

Economics lesson plans are usually the most interesting to students, since it shows how the entire economy around them is flowing! We have some great places to start when you want to talk about economics in your classroom. This also includes lesson plans on taxes.

Personal Finance Lesson Plans

We want to make it as easy as possible to teach real personal finance skills to your students, so we have been working with our friends at, along with our own team of personal finance experts and educators, to build a set of the best lesson plans and teacher resources anywhere in the world. Click on this post to see the lesson plans available.

Savings Lesson Plans

This post contains links for dozens of saving lessons plans we have gathered together to help your students see exactly how saving and investing will impact their future!

Math Lesson Plans

Students can never have too much math! These lesson plans are applied lessons in math, from showing how to calculate simple interest to determining “Price Per Unit” when shopping.