Personal Finance 101


Take Control Of Your Finances

Personal Finance 101 introduces you to everything you should know, but are missing, to master your personal finances. With our no-nonsense course, you will learn:

  • How to build a workable spending plan (for people who hate budgeting)
  • Learn about stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and other investment vehicles
  • How to master your own credit and debt
  • Optimizing your taxes, and getting the most out of returns
  • Building your risk tolerance, and buying insurance
  • How to escape bad debt
  • Proven strategies to boost savings and build wealth

Personal Finance 101 includes a cutting-edge stock market game, with rankings showing your progress with others taking the course. The course has 10 types of lessons, each optimized to help absolute beginners to take control, and absolutely master, their personal finances.



Personal Finance 101 Lessons

  1. Getting Your Finances Organized
  2. Budgeting and Spending Plans
  3. Credit and Debt
  4. Payment Methods
  5. Taxes
  6. Insurance
  7. Financial Decision Making
  8. Escaping Bad Debt
  9. Boosting Savings
  10. Building Wealth

Site License

If you are using Personal Finance 101 as part of a class, we have site licenses available to get your entire class registered, giving teachers complete freedom to customize their class and assignments. Site licenses also include our Investing, Economics, Accounting, Management, and Marketing curriculum, each aligned to both state and national standards.