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Get Personal Finance Lab for your class! We recommend purchasing a Site License for your school, but smaller classes and clubs can also register per student.

With Personal Finance Lab, you connect your students with:

  • Our cutting-edge educational, customizable Stock Market Game
  • Our complete Personal Finance, Economics, Investing, Accounting, Management, and Marketing curriculum, with over 300 activities to choose from
  • Built-in assessments with every activity, helping ensure concept mastery and allowing teachers to monitor student progress
  • Comprehensive Financial Research Center with detailed quotes, charts, financial statements, historical data, and much more
  • Our Career Center with real jobs and internships (and required qualifications) to help students build their Career Plans

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Experiential Learning At Its Best

Personal Finance Lab is a unique scholastic resource. It blends a full-featured stock game and investing simulation with interactive personal finance and business activities. Your students will be more engaged than ever as they build a portfolio of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, currencies, and more to compete with their classmates, all while working through the educational articles, videos, and activities that you assign each week.

About the Stock Game

Personal Finance Lab’s investing game is the result of 27 years of development with universities and high schools all over the world. Students trade stocks, bonds, and other securities using real-time prices to build a virtual portfolio evolving with the real financial markets. Portfolio charts and rankings are streaming – so students are fully engaged with the excitement of the financial world. As the instructor, you have full control: You decide in what your students can invest, you decide how much cash they have to start, and you decide the trading rules.

But this is more than just a stock game! You can require your students to make “Trade Notes” with every action – writing a short justification of why they are making each trade, reinforcing the learning process.

Supercharged Curriculum

As the instructor, you can create “Assignments” for your students to complete every time they log in. This can be adding required reading from our library of educational articles, watching tutorial videos to learn how to effectively manage their portfolio, or even make certain kinds of trades.

Our educational resource library includes over 200 articles covering topics in Personal Finance, Economics, Accounting, Management, Marketing, Investing, and Career Readiness. Each article has a mastery quiz – by adding an article to your Assignment for the week, your students will need to read each article and pass the quiz to continue. Our curriculum is grounded in the National Education Standards for each topic, so you know your students are building skills needed to face the 21st century workforce.

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Live Support

Best of all, Personal Finance Lab comes with a dedicated support team to help you and your students succeed. Teachers have access to “Live Chat” support during market hours, along with a toll-free 1-800 number for all urgent questions. Outside market hours, we also offer a fast ticketing system – all support inquiries are addressed within 1 business day.

Get a Full License

Purchasing individual accounts gives your students complete access to all available resources, but will restrict your ability to create new classes, add/remove students, access all available reporting tools, and use our Teacher Resource Center. You can lift these restrictions by upgrading to a full Site License for your school!

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