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Kenneth Kelliher '22 grew up in County Kerry, Ireland. Kenneth is currently writing a thesis to finish his Master’s Degree in Financial Economics at University College Cork, Ireland. Before the Masters, he graduated from University College Cork with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, majoring in economics with a minor in geography. Acting upon his interest in economics and finance, Kenneth interned at Cork City Council for a summer in the Strategic and Economic Development Department. He then went on to work for Bank of Ireland promoting third level bank accounts to incoming university students, on the campus of University College Cork. The role of signing up students to third level accounts further improved Kenneth’s customer relationship and sales skills as he was a top seller in the team. To further prepare himself for employment after graduation, Kenneth is currently studying an online course in financial modelling in excel. When he is not busy reading about current affairs or studying, he enjoys playing Gaelic football and soccer. Kenneth aspires to pursue a career in investing when he graduates.

Margin Trading and Market Timing – High Risk Investing

Margin trading is when you borrow money to invest. This increases the risk because now your returns need to not just make a profit, but more of a profit than you pay in interest. Market timing is also risky – instead of relying on fundamental business data, it means trying to pick the perfect hour, minute, or second to “beat” other traders who are trying to do the same thing.