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Ownership and Dividends

Owning a share in a company means that you are an integral part of the puzzle that helps the company tick. Typically, investors choose to own a stock for one of two profit driven reasons: the dividends they will receive from the company, or the hope that the stock price will increase and they will be able to sell it for a higher price than they purchased it at. Read this article for information on these two reasons investors purchase stocks!

Issuance of Stocks and Paying Dividends

Big corporations are very powerful entities that can possess more capital than some countries in the world. However, every company begins as a small start-up business. Once a private company grows large enough, they can become public, meaning they sell stocks to the public to finance future endeavors. After selling stocks to the public, the company will have to pay dividends to those who have chosen to invest in them. Read this article for more information about this process.

Margin Trading and Market Timing – High Risk Investing

For professional investors, like day traders and financial professionals, there are ways to multiply the investment amounts and returns by using more complex types of brokerage accounts and trading strategies. This includes margin accounts, which lets investors borrow money to invest, international investing, or buying stocks and bonds from other countries, and using market timing strategies to try to “beat the market”. Read this post for margin account and market timing information!

Starting A Business

Building the next “Big Thing”. Being your own boss. Getting the full rewards for your work. There are a lot of reasons to start a business (along with lots of risks), but taking the plunge is a step every entrepreneur has to face if they plan on striking out on their own. This post describes why people start their own businesses, and the risk versus reward of doing so.