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403 (b)

An alternative retirement plan to a 401(k) plan offered by non-profit organizations such as universities and charitable organizations, rather than corporations.

Absolute Breadth Index

A market indicator used to determine volatility levels in the market without factoring in price direction. It is calculated by taking the absolute value of the difference between the number of advancing issues and the number of declining issues. Typically, large numbers suggest volatility is increasing, which is likely to cause significant changes in stock prices in the coming weeks.

Advance/Decline Index (AD Line)

A technical analysis tool that represents the total difference between the number of advancing and declining security prices. This index is considered one of the best indicators of market movements as a whole. Stock indexes such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average only tell us the strength of 30 stocks, whereas the advance/decline index can provide much more insight into the movements of the market.

Aggressive Growth Fund

An Aggressive Growth Fund is a form of Mutual Fund whose main investment objective is to achieve capital gains. These funds are perceived to generate high returns, and are catered to investors who have a high tolerance for risk.

All-or-None Order

When you place an order to buy stocks that must be filled completely, with the total quantity requested, or the trade should not execute at all.


The American Stock Exchange is the third largest Stock Exchange in the US by trading volume. It overlooks the trading of approximately 10% of all US traded securities including small-cap stocks, ETF’s and Derivatives.


Definition: The simultaneous purchase of a security on one stock market and the sale of the same security on another stock market at prices which yield a profit. In Depth Description: In economics and finance, arbitrage is the practice of taking advantage of a price difference between two or more markets: striking a combination of Read More…