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What Is A Short Call?

A short call means you sell someone the right to buy a specific stock from you in the future at a certain price. If the stock’s price goes down, they won’t exercise their option, so your profit is the price you sold the contract for.

Student Reporting

On your Instructor Administration page, you can view all of your student information. This tutorial walks through what each of these pages have, in detail.

Stock Market

Companies issue stock to raise money to finance business operations.  Stock represents ownership in a company.  Thus, if you are a stockholder, you own part of a company.  A stock certificate shows how many shares you own.


Investing in capital goods occurs when businesses purchase capital goods in order to increase the productivity of workers.  This investment always involves some risk.

Interesting Interest Rates

Financial institutions encourage people to save by offering interest on savings. They loan these savings to businesses and consumers. Banks compete with one another to attract savers and borrowers. The goal of the bank, like any business, is to make a profit.

Financial Investments

People often put their savings into financial investments like stocks, bonds, or certificates of deposit. Some of these are more risky — but have the potential of a much better rate of return — than less risky investments.