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Want just our curriculum and the Personal Budgeting Game, use this page to order the number of student accounts needed!

Our budgeting game puts your students in the role of a college student with a part-time job. Students review their expected monthly cash inflow, and then review their expected expenses of rent, car loan, groceries, utilities, etc.

Students then roll the online dice and advance through the days of the month and face life’s random events. Flat tires on the way to work, unexpectedly high utility bills, expensive grocery bills, and medical bills all present challenges for students to survive on their limited cash flow. They will have to use their credit card at times to “make ends meet.” Then they have to remember to pay their bills on time or they see their credit score drop, their late fees pile up, and their interest rates increase. It takes about 30 minutes to survive a month. Then next week they do it all over again. Each month has different challenges (students file tax returns in April; get birthday cash, and plan for the Holidays in the Fall).

You will have the choice to select payment methods of Paypal, Credit Card, or request an Invoice for your school.

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This version of Personal Finance Lab works best with classes with 5 or more students. If you have fewer than 5 students, check out our homeschool version by clicking here!


At you can have our curriculum, our Personal Budgeting Game and our stock game all in one.

But if you just want our curriculum and the Personal Budgeting Game, order this product.

If you are introducing Personal Finance or want to consolidate topics taught with your students, what better way than to do it through experiential learning. Allow your students to learn by doing and have a discussion. Increases the fun factor. It is not a textbook and reduces your lesson preparation time significantly. To start today and take advantage of our new pricing, use this page to order the number of student accounts needed!

Our budgeting game puts your students in the role of a college student with a part-time job that has to navigate everyday life and unexpected events. Students have to manage their cashflow while reviewing their expected monthly cash inflow, expected expenses of rent, car loan, groceries, utilities etc and daily purchases.

Students have to learn to manage their money, use different payment types (debit and credit cards) build their credit score, savings and net worth. Students will also have to file a tax return, answer multiple choice questions, calculate their expenses, take note of their paycheck and much more.

The game lasts 12 “virtual” months where each month takes 20 minutes to play. Students can leave and pick up where they left off and it meets the majority of Jumpstart standards. We also have lessons and activities available for your use so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. The game can be used to introduce, apply and consolidate topics that have been taught. Be used as a great bell ringer activity and dare I say it as a resource for the substitute tool box where 90% of the time work set is not completed when you are out of the classroom.

Payment can be made through credit card or PO.

What’s Inside

  • Realistic, consequence-driven high school budgeting game
  • Customizable class settings – choose the fixed expenses (like rent and utilities), hourly wage earned, and income tax for your class
  • Customizable events – teachers have control over the types of events that pop up during the game to align with topics covered in class
  • Teacher reports, with a clear view of how students progress through the game from week to week
  • Live teacher support via live chat and 800 number, plus on-demand webinars
  • …Plus the Personal Finance Lab curriculum library with over 300 customizable, standards-aligned lessons for high school Personal Finance, Economics, and Business with built-in assessments
  • …Along with our Investing101 course, which can be used both in class or as independent study
  • …And our lesson plan and Google Slides archives, showing exactly how to use everything effectively in class!

What You Get

After completing your order, our team will reach out within 1 business day to set up the teacher logins for your school. All teachers who require access will get a confirmation email with their login credentials, access to our on-demand teacher tutorial webinar library, access to our lesson plan and presentation library, and a tutorial on how to set up their first class. Teachers will have immediate access to our “Live Chat” and 800-number teacher support hotline, and can set up their classes and get students registered right away!

If you have any questions, please reach out to, or give us a call at 1-(800) 786-8725 ext. 365